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There are allot of people who ask me how I do what I do and what inspires me to get me to take the pictures I do. In this blog I hope to give an insight into Owens Eye.  I hope to share some of the stories behind pictures and answer some of the more common questions I have been asked in the form of tips and advice.

Darren Downs Purple Wide Arched ST220

August 15, 2016  •  2 Comments

So as you know I've got a thing for ST220's...  In fact you could say I am into ST220's.  Well I've never seen a 220 like this before...

Darren Down's Purple Beast

It started life a Performance blue 220 but Darren had other plans and gave it to Kode Performance in Sheerness to work their magic.  So lets start with the obvious, this ST220 is not in your average colour, the colour is called 'Deep Base Pearl Purple Velvet' (I wonder if they call it DBPPV for short?) off topic I know sorry... getting back to it - its epic. To describe it, it short of shifts tone as you move around the car, having followed the car around on the shoot I can say the colour is quiet a head turner.  Ironically the next thing the stands out is the sound track of this beast, even when poodling around this car is not shy, on over run she pops like small firearm which is unexpected from a Mondeo and then there is the styling. Putting aside the colour there are a number of details that only a trained eye would catch like in the inside of the vents are painted green to match the engine bay and breaks, and the is a tiny strip of carbon on the back bumper that ties in the lower bumper with the upper lip spoiler all add to the small details that tie the car together.

So lets talk about the arches?

Yes they are wider but don't look overly extreme and are deliberately in keeping to the original design, some people will have to look twice as there is a clear difference just not an obvious one, its common to here people say "that's not normal... is it?" or "is that a little wider?".  From the back she looks clearly fatter and it has to be to accommodate the massive Kode 9.5j alloys sat under the on the rear.

Darren wanted a one off and to my eye has accomplished that already...  

That being said he assures me he has more up his sleeve for this car so you can expect to see more of her in the future.

To see the full gallery click here

For more information about Kode Performance click here

What do you all think of her?

Catch you all soon,


Ford Fair 2016!!!

August 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hiya All,

It's been almost a year since My last blog post, to be fair I've not been too active this year so far but I have a feeling that will change shortly - but I'll get into that a another time :), but now back with a vengeance and what a great way to start with coverage from Ford Fair 2016 held at Silverstone Circuit.  The Biggest and the best was back again for another year.   This year in convoyed up to Ford Fair with The 'Blue Oval Project' though My ST220 was on the 'ST220 Enthusiasts' stand along side 26 of her friends. 


The show its self was jam packed full of Ford greatness with highlights being:

Getting a glimpse of the epic new ford GT

The Epic Ford GTFord Fair 2016

Paul Swift doing his thing in the live action arena with the new RS Focus

Paul Swift gives the Crowd a Thumbs up before starting his showFord Fair 2016

And hanging out with the fine people of the ST220 Enthusiasts

ST220 Enthusiasts StandFord Fair 2016

All in all a great day and we look forward to next years instalment, Click Here for the full gallery

Click to find out more about  Ford Fair

Click this link to find out more about the ST220 Enthusiasts, and for more information aboutThe Blue Oval ProjectClick there ;)

Have a great day, 



Danny's Focus ST

September 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Up next is Danny Smiths tidy REVO powered Focus ST.  I am sure you'll agree this one is a stunner.

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Click the picture to view the full gallery.


It's been a while

September 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I know its been a while since my last post but that does not mean Owenseye has not been up to much.   Its been a busy year and now at the end of show season We've got plenty of content to share that is ready to go. 

Hang in there as more great shoots are heading your way soon. 




Focus RS - RS Fox

May 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

To me the Focus RS MK2 is work of art straight off the bat, with the only real choice needing to be made being - weather to get it in Green or Blue?

Mostly people dare not try to mod one aesthetically in case they get it wrong.  

I can assure you the above is not the case with Rich Fox’s mean green RS. The attention to detail is astounding.  With tuning, sounds and aesthetics all catered for this car is truly a head turner.

Mod List:

  • Revo Stage 4 Plus Map
  • Lowered on BC Coilovers
  • KSport big brakes
  • ProAlloy intercooler
  • ProAlloy oil breather kit
  • ProAlloy radiator
  • AS oil cooler
  • AS dress up kit
  • KMS Section 18 exhaust system
  • Big fuel pump with 759cc injectors
  • ACR front bumper
  • Msport roof scoop
  • Massive rally light pods
  • Insane carbon spoiler
  • Full Vectis Vinyl WRC graphics
  • All tuning done by SCC Performance


This car is a true testament to its owners dedication, commitment and vision to the project. I can honestly say one of the finest examples I have seen so far.

Many thanks to Rich for allowing access to take the pictures.


To see the full gallery of Rich’s RS click here

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