Vital Statistics:

Age 33, Height Tall, City London

Photography, Cars, Photoshop, Computers

Favourite TV Shows:
How I met your mother, Big bang theory and Friends

Main Kit:
Gripped Canon EOS 5DMKIII, 70-200L, 24-105L, 100mm USM, Flashes, Wireless Triggers, A trusty Giottos tripod and My Eye

Personal motto:
Never ask someone to do something you would not do your self

Welcome to Owen’s Eye Photography.

In images, I like the idea that there is more to life than what we see at first glance, I have grown to learn these same hidden gems are most times than not... worth a second look.

Photography to me is a way of life for me. It feels strange not having my camera with me when I am out, to the extent I mostly have to force myself not to take one out with rather than the other way round and even then I am still reaching for an camera phone. When out and about I spend time thinking “that would make a great picture” or "that would look great with at 2.8" there is always an interesting picture to take if you are willing to look and the love of photography allows a different perspective on the day to day things we see.

I mostly focus on Portraiture and Automotive photography. In photography there are few things more rewarding than meeting someone new, making a new friend and them loving a portrait that you have taken as each is personal to that person. With cars things are not too dissimilar, their owners make them individual and like nothing more than to see the ‘personality’ of a car through a picture. Having said that I shoot all types of photography and find it difficult not to explore the possibility of taking a picture of anything that catches my eye.

I love to talk photography with anyone, yes… even Nikon users :). So if you have any questions or just would like to chat please contact me and get back to you as soon as possible.

Owen Bishop

Professional Bio
Owen Bishop is a London based photographer. He has always had a keen interest in photography and started taking pictures in 2010, since then has always challenged him self for his next shot to be his best yet.

Owen has shot portraits, weddings and events alike. Owen has shot at the Alternative Fashion Week in London and for Motorsport Vision at Brand Hatch ‘Summer Wednesday’ amongst other events.

Owen has a can do altitude and always looks forward to his next shoot.